Ruzaphema, Dimapur

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A holiday without shopping can never be a satisfying or a fulfilling trip. Dimapur doesn’t disappoint tourist as a shopping destination too. Ruzaphema is a shopping paradise especially for people looking for traditional artefacts of the Nagas. Located 5 kilometres from Kohima on the Dimapur-Kohima Road, Ruzaphema has a lot stored in its small gullies and bye-lanes.

The colourful streets are filled with the essence of Naga culture. The exquisite collection of traditional Naga attire, shawls and other accessories fill the bazaar. Interestingly, most of the things found in Ruzaphema are produced by the booming cottage and handicrafts industry of the state mainly sustained by the women.

Apart from the bazaar and its colourful characteristics, Ruzaphema also has evidences of the Kachari kingdom. The remains are mainly in ruins but are nevertheless an interesting evidence of history. Since Ruzaphema is close to Dimapur, it doesn’t take long to reach the shopping destination.

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