Kuki Dolong Village, Dimapur

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As the name suggest the village is inhabited by the Kuki tribe one of the oldest tribes in the North East., This place is located 20 kilometres from Dimapur and falls under the Medziphema Tehsil, Dimapur District. Here, you will get a glimpse of the Kuki culture, their rich and vibrant tradition and food habits. Often confused to be a Naga tribe by the general world, Kukis have their own culture and tradition which makes them a distinctive tribe of their own.

In the Kuki Dolong village you will see the traditional houses of the Kukis made of bamboo. These houses have a distinctive pattern of their own unlike traditional houses you come across in other parts of Nagaland. You will be amazed by the simple lifestyle of the tribe and the bond that they share with their fellow tribesmen. Make sure you buy some Kuki shawls which are known for their colour and design patterns.

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