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Kachari Ruins, Dimapur


Archeologists have proven that Dimapur was an ancient capital of the Kachari kingdom. It is one of the important sites of the megalithic age. The place where the remains of the kingdom can be found is known as the Kachari Ruins, a must visit destination in Dimapur.

The ruins also have evidences of the Ahom invasion into the territory during the 13th century. The Kachari Ruins is a goldmine for the historian as the place has clues of how people lived here so many centuries back. The ruins also have evidences that the Kacharis had a strong Hindu influence, though pre-dominantly they were non-Aryans.

 Among the most famous Kachari Ruins stands the monolith. Apart from the monolith, there are many ruins of temples, tanks and embankments in this place. The scattered stone blocks with various designs are also found all around. The place has been well maintained and preserved today.