Digboi - A Tryst With the Oil City of Assam

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Digboi is known for running the oldest oil refinery in the world, which is still functioning. The oil refinery has been the pride of the town since the year 1899. The name ‘Digboi’ comes from the English term ‘dig-boy-dig’ which was used when the English had just discovered oil in the area and made young boys dig the oil. Digboi is known as the ‘Oil City of Assam’.

Digboi Tourism – Of Oil Refineries and English Reminiscence

Situated in Upper Assam in the Tinsukia district, Digboi has been attracting tourists mainly because of its oldest functioning oil refinery. Since the oil refineries have been fully functional since 1901, British settlement was prominent here. Due to the heavy British influence, even after more than 60 years of independence, the strong British influence can be felt in the small town.

Tourist places in and around Digboi

While the Digboi Oil Refinery is the main tourist attraction of the town, the 18-hole golf course which was set-up by the English is still considered as the best golf course in Upper Assam. The other attractions that make up Digboi tourism are the Saikhowa National Park, the Ridge Point and the War Cemetery.

How to Reach Digboi

Dibrugarh is the nearest airhead to Digboi while Tinsukia has the nearest railhead. The National Highway 38 connects the oil town to the rest of the country.

Digboi Weather

Digboi enjoys a sub-tropical monsoon climate and has three distinct seasons – summers, monsoons and winters. If the summers are humid and hot, the monsoons bring in favourable rainfall while the winters are foggy and cold.

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