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Margherita is a small town in Upper Assam in the Tinsukia district. Known as the Coal Queen of Assam, this sub-divisional headquarters is covered with lush green rolling tea gardens and coal mines. The unusual name of the town has an interesting history to it.

Assam Railway and Trading Company which was responsible for bringing railways to this part of the country had employed an Italian engineer Roberto Paganini for the job. Paganini was responsible for building the bridges that gave railway access to the coal-filled region. To honour this engineer, the place was named after the Italian queen Margherita.

Margherita which is surrounded by the Patkai Ranges and the Burhi-Dehing River has several places of interest. The Margherita Golf Course is the main tourist attraction while the several tea gardens are must-visit destinations in the town. The town is also a significant producer of plywood products.

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