Ridge Point, Digboi

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Ridge Point gives a breath taking and magnificent view of the Digboi city. One of the main tourist attractions in Digboi, it is located close to the town. Not only does the place offer a bird’s eye view of the town, but tourists can also see the snow-capped mountains of the Eastern Himalayas.

While on the way to Ridge Point, one can also experience the breath taking view of the town. The British presence can be felt all over and while on a trip to the view point, much of it can be felt. It is quite exciting to locate the Digboi Oil Refinery and the War Cemetery from the elevated point of the Ridge.

During the early winter months, it is truly a treat to watch the snow-capped Himalayas from the Ridge Point. However, tourists should lookout for a clear sky and great weather to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Himalayas.

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