Digboi Oil Refinery, Digboi

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The Digboi Oil Refinery holds the prestigious title of being the first oil refinery in the country and the oldest functional refinery in the world. It was established in the 1901 and has the capacity of producing around 0.65 Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum oil. The Digboi Oil Refinery is run by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited. The refinery unit also engages in distillation of wax from crude oil.

The Oil Refinery is the main tourist attraction of Digboi. Tourists can see how the oil manufacturing unit was built by the British more than a hundred years ago. Though public are not allowed into the oil fields, special permission can be sought to visit the oil refineries.

Over the years, the Digboi Oil Refinery has been improved over the years and steps have been taken to revise the unit. The Solvent De-waxing Unit and Wax Hydro-finishing unit are two such new components of the refinery.

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