Digboi Oil Centenary Museum, Digboi

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Digboi Oil Centenary Museum situated in the oil city Digboi, is a symbol for the fact that the first traces of oil were tracked in Assam. The Digboi Oil refinery was the first oil refinery in India. The Discovery Well was the first commercially viable well in India and is located close to the museum. This significant well was founded in the year 1889. The inauguration of the Museum formed by the Assam Oil Corporation was done in the year 2002.

The oil machinery and pumps are preserved and exhibited in the museum. The machinery from the power stations, refinery, oil fields are kept in the museum. The museum has a huge photo gallery which has exclusive photographs. These photos takes us on a long journey of the evolution and development of oil refinery in the history of India. It tells us the story of how Digboi made a mark on the world map.

This museum is one of its kind in India. Knowlegde about the history of production of oil in Assam and other facts related to oil and natural gas can be obtained at the museum. It also gives information about the modern methods of oil technology. The concept of the museum was founded by the executive director of the Assam Oil Division.


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