Raidongia Dol, Dibrugarh

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A visit to Dibrugarh is quite incomplete without visiting the ruined monuments at Raidongia Dol. Raidongia Dol is situated in Larua Mouza in Kalakhowa region and can be easily reached on hired taxis and local buses.

Raidongia Dol still has several ancient relics of the Ahom kingdom. Though many statues that were initially there on the wall of the Dol have perished, today about 14 remain. It is believed that there were 24 such statues earlier.

According to historical evidences it is believed that the Dol along with the adjoining pond and 200 pura were given as dowry by Swargadeo Pramatta Singha for his sister’s marriage to Raidnogia Barua. Today the Raidnogia Dol as well as the adjacent pond gives a majestic view attracting tourists visiting Dibrugarh. If you are visiting Dibrugarh make it a point to visit the Dol.

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