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Barbarua Maidam, Dibrugarh

The Barbarua Maidam is located a few kilometres south of Dibrugarh close to the National Highway 37. There are two maidams that lie in close proximity and together are known as the Barbarua Maidam. Maidam is an Ahom word which means a graveyard. Since the graveyard lies in ruins, much is not known about them.

However, according to noted historian Sarbananda Rakumar, the two graveyards belonged to Deka Dihingia Barbarua and the other one to Bura Dihinigia Barbarua. Though much about these two people has not been found out looking at the structures of the maidam it can be assumed that these graveyards belonged to high-ranking officers of the Ahom kingdom.

Apart from the graves of these two high-ranking officials, there are two smaller maidams which probably belonged to dead soldiers. A visit to the Barbarua Maidam gives an insight into the rich Ahom kingdom that ruled over a large part of the area in the olden days.

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