Dehing Satra, Dibrugarh

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Satras are socio-religious institutions that have been the backbone of the Assamese society for centuries. In Dibrugarh, the Dehing Satra stands tall as a reminder of the rich history and patronage it has witnessed years back. As a religious place, the Dehing Satra was regularly patronized by the Ahom kings.

The name of the Ahom kings Rajeswar Singha and Gaurinath Singha stays at the top of the list of patrons for the unhindered dedication to the institution. During the famous Moamoria revolution (1769–1806), the Dehing Satra was highly patronized by these Ahom kings.

Though the Dehing Satra lies in ruin today, tourists visiting the place will still get a waft of the legacy of the olden days. The name of the Satra is derived from the River Dehing. The Satra lies on the banks of the Dehing River. Its idyllic location has also made it a popular tourist destination today.

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