Dinjoy Satra, Dibrugarh

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Dinjoy Satra is the Assamese socio-cultural institution of the Vaishnavite sect. It is situated about 5 kilometres from the Chabua Township in Dibrugarh. Devotees following Vaishnavism regularly visit this Satra. The Dinjoy Satra was founded by Aniruddha Dev, who is considered to be among the twelve main devotees of Gopal Atadev.

Originally the Satra was located at Bisnubalikakunshi village near North Lakhimpur. During the Moamoria rebellion, the Dinjoy Satra fell into trouble. For many years the religious seat at the Satra remained empty after the death of its then head. Later the Burmese invasion also caused havoc with the peace of Satra.

The Dinjoy Satra is famous for its prayers and strict adherence to the norms and culture of Vaishnavism. A visit to the Satra will definitely invoke the spiritual side of any person. Today the Dinjoy Satra isn’t just a religious institution but also plays a very important cultural and historical role, binding the society together.

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