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Koli Aai Thaan, Dibrugarh

Koli Aai Thaan is highly revered among the Assamese people and though there is no physical temple or idol at the premises of the thaan, it is one of the most-visited places in Dibrugarh. The Koli Aai Thaan is counted among the oldest ‘thaans’ of the Ahom kingdom.

Koli Aai Thaan is dedicated to Koi Aai, the daughter of the head priest of Dibaru Satra. As the Dibaru Satra did not have any male heir to carry forward the legacy, Koli Aai kept the spirit of the Satra alive by her devotion and dedication.

It is a prevailing belief that Koli Aai possessed divine powers and, it is due to this that one fine day she disappeared from the site. Nevertheless, every year throngs of people visit the Thaan to pay their respect to ‘Aai’. The Koli Aai Thaan also has a profound impact of the religious history of Assam.

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