Garpara Satra, Dibrugarh

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Garpara Satra is considered to be older than Dinjoy Satra, another famous and frequently visited Satra in Dibrugarh. Garpara Satra is located in Rohmoria Mouza. Narimaider was the first head priest of the Satra.

Though the Satra is highly regarded among the locals and the tourists, there is a proposal to shift the Satra from its present location. Due to soil erosion, the present location is considered unfit and dangerous. Work towards this is being done.

Apart from the Garpara Satra, there are several satras or socio-religious institutions that dot the city of Dibrugarh. The common satras that tourists invariably should visit include the Dinjoy Satra, Dehing Satra and the Moderkhat Satra. Satras were established during the Ahom rule to serve the society not only as religious institutions but also as socio-cultural ones where the culture and traditions of the Ahom society is upheld and taught to the future generations.

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