Pazhayarai, Darasuram

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Pazhayarai is believed to have been the erstwhile capital of the great Chola Dynasty. Pazhayarai also houses some ancient temples from the era of the Cholas. The most prominent among them is the Pazhaiyarai Someswarar Temple or Pazhayarai Vadathali as it is otherwise known as. It is located approximately 6 kilometres away from Kumbakonam and is even more closer to Darasuram. It is only 3 kilometres away from Darasuram.

The temple is a must visit and is a famous spot of pilgrimage. It is located close to the railway station at Darasuram. Pazhayarai Vadathali is one of four ancient temples that are located in Pazhayarai, the others being Metrali, Kelthali and Thenthali, each of one an architectural marvel on its own.

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