Patteeswaram, Darasuram

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Patteeswaram is a quaint non-descript village located some 8 kilometres from the town of Kumbakonam. The village has been named after Patti, the calf of Kamadhenu, the holy cow revered by Hindus. As legend has it, Patti the calf of Kamadhenu used to worship Lord Shiva at this very place, the reason why it is known by the name Patteeswaram. The village is famous for the temple of Goddess Durga. The architecture of the temple has elements of Pallava, Chola and Nayak styles. Hence it is believed that the temple had been built and rebuilt several times along the course of the ages. Lord Rama is also believed to have visited Patteeswaram and installed three Shivalingams, in order to himself rid of the sin incurred from slaying Ravana. He is also believed to have made a well here for the purpose of performing ablutions to the Shivalingams he installed. It is believed that the well brought the waters of Dhanushkodi right to the spot.

Patteeswaram is located some 3 kilometres away from Darasuram, along the Darasuram Valangiman Road. It is easily approachable by bus from both Kumbakonam and Darasuram

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