Devanatha Swami Temple, Cuddalore

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The Devanatha Swami temple is dedicated to Lord Devanayakaswami and is an ancient Vaishnavite temple. Sri Thirumangai Mannan was the Alvar who has sung about this place. The temple is located between the Oushadhagiri Hill and Gadilam River. The Vaishnavite Saint Ramanuja is said to have stayed in this temple.

In the region, the temple is considered to be as holy as the River Ganga. Goddess Lakshmi is also worshipped in this temple. The temple also houses the shrines of Lord Rama, Sri Rajagopalan, Smt Andal, Sri Venugopalan and Chakkarathalavar. There are also shrines for Alwars and Desika.

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