Guernsey Tea Factory, Coonoor

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Guernsey Tea Factory is one of the principal producers of Nilgiri Tea. Any visit to the Nilgiris is incomplete without tasting its famous tea. Then what would be better than to go to the source and taste the unique blend that can be found nowhere else in the world? The answer would be to go to Guernsey Tea Factory. One can buy freshly prepared tea powder from this factory as well as drink some tea made at the factory itself.

The working hours of the factory extend from 8 am to 6 pm, and it is open to visitors. A tour of the factory is a must, as it offers the tourist a firsthand view on the various aspects of making tea, right from bringing in the raw produce to the final stages of processing.

Guernsey Tea Factory charges a nominal entry fee per person. Pay that, and you practically get to know everything there is to know about making tea.

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