Droog Fort, Coonoor

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Droog Fort, a dilapidated fortress is a popular tourist attraction around Coonoor. It was once used by Tipu Sultan as a military outpost, owing to the pin point view it afforded of the surroundings. The strategic location of the fort made it easier to ward off enemy attack on places of interest. What remains today of the once proud fortress is but a crumbling wall, though the bird’s eye view of the structure remains the same.

You have to trek a bit through the Nonsuch Estate for close to 4 kilometers to get to the Droog Fort. The elevation of the peak is 2000 meters above sea level, and you get one of the best views of the plains from this spot. The spot is purportedly a good location for birdwatching as a lot of rare species populate the area, not to mention the scenic trek from Nonsuch estate to the fort.

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