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  • 01Vidhana Soudha

    Those visiting Bangalore should pay a visit to Vidhana Soudha, which is the state secretariat and also a marvel in bricks and stones. The building is about 46 m tall and that makes it one of the tallest buildings in Bangalore.

    The architecture of the building is a creative blend of traditional Dravidian with the modern style that never disappoints one who beholds it. It can be easily accessed from all directions. It gets beautiful on public holidays and on evenings of Sunday as the building gets fully lit up. Lights of Vidhana Soudha are kept glowing everyday from 6.00 to 8.30 in the evenings. It is something you never want to miss.

    From the Bangalore city junction it's just 9 km away. Located near the Cubbon Park with its long spreading green lawns, Vidhana Soudha is a place worth visiting and a perfect hang-out for the creative people to enhance their spirits.

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  • 02Bengaluru Palace

    Bengaluru Palace is located in the Palace Gardens which is in the heart of Bangalore city. This is located between Sadashivanagar and Jayamahal. The construction process of the building started in 1862 by Rev.Garett and was intended to look like Winsor Castle in England. It was later bought by Chamaraja Wodeyar, who was the ruler of Wodeyar Dynasty in 1884.

    The construction of the palace spanning 45,000 sq ft floor area took 82 years to complete. The beauty of this palace is so renowned and when you enter through the gates from the front, the breathtaking beauty of the building will leave you spellbound.

    The Palace has undergone renovation recently. The interior designing of the palace follows Tudan style of architecture. The lower floor of the palace has an open courtyard having granite seats entrenched with blue ceramic tiles which is a beauty to watch at nights.

    In the upper floor we can see an elaborate Durbar Hall where the king addressed his assembly. The interior walls of the palace are decorated with Greek, Dutch and the famous Raja Ravi Varma paintings, adding to its beauty.

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  • 03ISKCON Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple

    The Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple is one of the largest of all the ISKCON temples in the world. The temple is located in Rajaji Nagar in North Bangalore. The temple was built as per the wishes of A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, to promote and spread spiritual learning and Vedic culture.

    The temple was inaugurated in the year 1997 by the President of India. It has a gold-plated flag post (dwajastamba) which is 56 ft high and a gold-plated kalash shikhara which is 28 ft tall. The six main shrines of the temple are of Radha Krishna, Krishna Balrama, Nityananda, Venkateswara, Prahlada Narasimha and Srila Prabhupada.

    All major festivals related to incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the Vedic culture are celebrated in the temple. Some of the famous festivals celebrated here are Brahmotsava, Rath Yatra, Krishna Janmashtami and Rama Navami.

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  • 04Wonderla

    Wonderla is an amusement park pioneered by V-Guard group located near Bidadi, 28 km from Bangalore, spread across 82 acres of land. It is a one-hour journey on the four lane Bangalore-Mysore Road. Wonderla features around 53 land and water rides. The park also consists of a musical water fountain, a laser show, a virtual reality show and a dance floor with electronically controlled showers.

    With conference facilities for up to 1000 persons and 5 restaurants with a total capacity of 1150 persons, the park has locker rooms with 2350 lockers. It is one of the two parks implementing OHSAS 18001:2007 safety standards. It has got 5 water treatment plants to ensure supply of filtered pure water which is tested and monitored by water quality control laboratory.

    It supports a suitable ecosystem with a long line of trees which provides natural shade and a rainwater harvesting system which collects rainwater and utilises it for useful purposes. Even if you are skeptical about your safety in the park, it only remains till you go to the place, because Wonderla wins your trust totally.

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  • 05Cubbon Park

    Cubbon Park is a landmark area of Bangalore city located right within the administrative area of the city, originally created in the year 1870. It can be accessed through MG Road and Kasturba Road. Though initially the park was spread over 100 acres, later it got expanded and now covers almost 300 acres.

    It has a rich collection of flora and fauna. The park was originally named as Meade's Park. To commemorate the silver jubilee of the then ruler, the park was renamed again as Sri Charmarajendra Park.

    The park has monumental limits amidst dense bunches of bamboo and other beautiful vegetation controlled by the Department of Horticulture of Government of Karnataka. The park is often inhabited by morning walkers, naturalists and loners who study nature in a tranquil environment.

    An exotic collection of flora fond in the park amounts to 68 genre and 96 species totaling to about 6000 plants/trees. The building belonging to premises of the park includes Attara Kacheri which is now the High court, museum, Seshadri Memorial Hall.

    The park is also under the shade of the Preservation act, 1979. The Park doesn't have any restrictions on visiting time and is open to public, but the roads are closed between 5 AM and 8 AM every day.

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  • 06Vikasa Soudha

    Vikasa Soudha is another visual delight of Bangalore. It is one of the best buildings built by the Government of Karnataka. It was inaugurated in 2005. Vikasa Soudha, the sister building situated to the south of Vidhana Soudha, was built with the intention of housing some of the legislative offices.

    One can easily reach Vikasa Soudha because there are state transport buses and metro buses plying to this spot from nearby bus stands like Majestic Station. A significant feature of this Legislative home is that the construction of the building reflects modern outlook but also holds the gloss of traditional south Indian culture.

    It is constructed on an area of 8 acres and has an acquired built up area of 58,274 sq m. The total cost of this building is estimated to be about 150 Crores. The eight-floor building houses fifteen conference halls along with more than three hundred and fifty rooms.

    The construction of Vikasa Soudha took many years. It has an impressive interior decoration of wooden carvings and a brilliant ornamental stone work in the external walls. The giant building is also impregnated with most modern and sophisticated facilities than any other legislative buildings in the country.

    The building can accommodate up to 600 cars in three floors. The Government has set up a high profile security system for the same. Coupled with modern architecture, sophisticated interiors and comprehensive security system, the building also has an eco friendly design.

    Additional grid of solar power supply and a rain water harvesting system are clear examples of eco friendly construction. Thus it won't be a disappointment but rather a delicious treat for your eyes if you spend time visiting this wonderful modern marvel.

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  • 07The Art Of Living International Center

    Located 21 km south of Bangalore in rural Karnataka, it was founded by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar in the year 1981. The motto of the Ashram is to create a stress-free, violence-free society. Now the Ashram and its messages have reached over to almost 300 million followers in 150 countries. But they have retained this institute in Bangalore as their HQ.

    The foundation conducts yoga and meditation workshops to relieve people from the stresses of busy day to day life. Their programs are now popular among the masses all over the world. The spiritual and social organization has unfurled its wings over the decades through many humanitarian projects and has membership in many organizations like CONGO.

    The foundation offers courses on Art of Living, meditation courses, so it's better to spend a few days of your trip here so that you can return from Bangalore in spiritual bliss.

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  • 08International Tech Park

    International Tech Park Bangalore or ITPB is a Hi-tech park in the country, developed and managed by Ascendas. ITPB has 233 companies in a built up area of over 2,000,000 sq ft. Located along the Whitefield road, 18 km away from the city centre of Bangalore, it was opened in 1998. There are six buildings in ITPB named, Discoverer, Innovator, Creator, Pioneer and Voyager.

    Centrally controlled air conditioning, lifts, water level, fire safety and lighting ensures proper building management. India's six leading telecom service providers have acquired their space in ITPB. ITPB is armed with 24 hour surveillance system and trained personnel to control fire emergencies. A water storage and sewage treatment plant adds to the facilitative management.

    Banking and ATM facilities are provided by leading banks of the country. Several other features include a film studio, fitness centre, courier services, retail outlets of mobile phones, computer accessories and books accompanied by food and beverage outlets.

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  • 09Lal Bagh

    Lal Bagh is a famous botanical garden located in the south of Bangalore. The words 'Lal Bagh' mean the 'Red Garden' in English. The construction of the garden was initiated by the emperor Hyder Ali and later finished by his son Tipu Sultan.

    Lal Bagh has a vast collection of tropical plants on a 240 acre area with over 1,000 species of flora. It has a well established irrigation system and is designed beautifully with lotus pools, lawns and flowerbeds.

    Flower shows are conducted every year to educate people about the flora and plant conservation. Lal Bagh remains open daily from 6 am to 7 pm. Lal Bagh is well connected by State Transport buses and also tourist buses from major bus terminals in the state. Lal Bagh is now supported by the Directorate of Horticulture and was granted the status of Government Botanical garden in 1856.

    A glass palace is set up in the garden inspired by the crystal palace in London which is the venue for the annual flower show. Lal Bagh Rock is one of the oldest rock formations on earth dating back to 3,000 years.

    A giant electronic flower clock is built in the middle of garden as a tribute to the park by HMT. Taking a stroll through the sprawling greenery is like peering into the soul of nature and there will be moments when you say,"I love not man but nature more!"

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  • 10Bengaluru International Airport

    The International Airport in Bengaluru is located roughly 40 km away from the central part of the city. It also holds the record of the fourth busiest airport in the country in terms of passenger traffic. The airport also serves as the main hub for Kingfisher Airlines.

    The airport hosts about 10 domestic airlines and 21 international airlines. This makes Bangalore a well connected city to the rest of India and the world itself. Inaugurated in the year 2008, it is a joint sector venture between the German company Siemens and the Government of Karnataka and is designed to accommodate 12 million passengers a year.

    Though it is in the vicinity of the Railway station and bus terminal, plans are being processed to lay a direct rail route from the station while the access through the national highway has already been widened to a six lane highway.

    With a 71,000 sq m floor area, the passenger terminal is a fully air conditioned four level building that can house both international and domestic passengers. Another exclusive feature of the airport is a separate terminal for Hajj pilgrims and can handle 600 passengers at a time over an area of 1,500 sq m. Taxi services are available for easy access to and from the city.

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  • 11Commercial Street

    Once you are finished wandering around Bangalore, it's time to do a little shopping. Commercial Street is threaded by a long strand of lamp posts with light. It can be reached through Brigade Road and Kamaraj Road.

    In addition to large branded shops, there are shops selling shoes, art and other general goods. Commercial Street is famous for colourful clothes, especially for women. Shops will open by 10:30 am.

    Plastic money like your credit and debit cards won't work in Commercial Street; you need to carry cash. You have to get down to a level of common shopping with a lot of bargaining. While most of the shopping here is for women, variety of shops are available ranging from local tea stalls, road side restaurants to keep men happy.

    For those who are more conscious of hygiene, major food chains like KFC and Pizza Hut are available on the street. One day of shopping, bargaining and a dine of junk food can make you jaded because its a lot in there than you can imagine which makes you come back again.

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  • 12UB City

    UB City is the largest commercial project in Bangalore, with a total built up area of 16 lakh square feet. It holds the record as the tallest building in the state. The Skyscraper is situated on Vittal Mallya road, 1.5 km away from the Brigade Road-M.G Road junction.

    UB City has four towers, viz., UB tower, Comet, Canberra and Concorde. It is the first luxury mall in the state of Karnataka. It is a plush blend of luxury-retail, commercial and serviced apartments. It is equipped with the most modern technologies and is a collection of all the leading brands under one roof.

    UB tower houses all the offices under one roof and Comet houses serviced apartments while Canberra and Concorde consist of retail chains in the lower floors and offices in the higher level. Among the highlights of UB city, the internationally acclaimed Oakwood Residences stands prominent.

    UB city features a wide range of cuisines from Italian to Chinese. There is an 800 seater Amphitheatre and an extensive parking space for up to 1100 cars. The roof top Helipad provides five minute aerial route to the airport. The enormous but impressive skyscrapers of UB city will attract you at the first sight itself.

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  • 13M Chinnaswamy Stadium

    Chinnaswamy stadium established in 1969 is located at the heart of Bangalore city. Situated in the midst of Queen's road, Cubbon Park, it is one of the most popular cricket stadiums in the country. It was named after Mr. Chinnaswamy who was the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) President from 1977-80 and also served KSCA (Karnataka State Cricket Association) for almost four decades.

    It conducted its first Cricket match (Test) in 1974 between India and West Indies. It is the home ground to the Karnataka Ranji state team and also the IPL franchise – Royal Challengers Bangalore. With a seating capacity of 40,000, this stadium has hosted ODI matches whenever India hosted the World cup in 1987, 1996 and 2011.

    It has witnessed many phenomenal moments in the history of Cricket. Plans for renovation are in the pipeline. KSCA has plans to increase the seating capacity to 70,000. It has undergone some face-lift work as the part of becoming the Home ground for IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore pioneered by head of UB group, Vijay Mallya.

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  • 14Kempfort Shiva Temple

    The Kempfort Shiva Temple is located on the Old Airport Road inside the old Kempfort Campus. The huge monolith statue of Lord Shiva is what makes the temple a marvel. The 65 ft statue was erected by RVM, who got a vision to build a Shiva temple.

    Being a strong believer of Lord Shiva, RVM, with no money, land or resources to build a temple started working towards his goal as it was his sole dream. He eventually acquired a suitable land to build the temple and started the construction in 1994.

    The temple was inaugurated in 1995 during the festival of Maha Shivratri by Shankaracharya of Sringeri (who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva). Devotees throng here during Maha Shivratri and other festivals dedicated to Lord Shiva.

    The temple is popular to have turned non-believers to devotees of Lord Shiva. The temple is open 24 hours every day, with special poojas and other offerings to Lord Shiva made on Mondays.

    Address: 97, Old Airport Road, Behind Kemp Fort Mall, Ramagiri, Murugeshpalya, Bengaluru

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  • 15Indian Institute Of Science

    IISc is one of the pioneer institutes of higher learning located in Bangalore which was established in 1909. It is located in North Bangalore, 4 km away from the Main Railway station. This institute has an interesting history behind the formation. Idea of starting this institute came up during a casual conversation between Jamsetji Tata and Swami Vivekananda in 1892.

    The institute had its foundation laid in 1909 by the Maharaja of Mysore. IISc houses around 40 Departments along with world class infrastructure including six canteens, gymkhana, well laid out football and cricket stadium, family restaurant, as well as separate men's and five women's hostels.

    Adding to this, the campus also provides faculties and other staff members residences, a library, shopping centres, massage parlours and so on. The institute has an isolated plethora of greenery because of the collection of both exotic and indigenous species of vegetation.

    Architecture of the building is in classical style. Degrees offered by the institute may be mainly grouped into two categories, i.e., Degrees by Research such as PhD and MS degrees like ME and MBA.

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