Commercial Street, Bangalore

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Once you are finished wandering around Bangalore, it's time to do a little shopping. Commercial streets is threaded by a long strand of lamp posts with light. It can be reached through Brigade road and Kamaraj road. In addition to large brand shops there are shops selling shoes art and other general goods. Commercial Street is famous for colorful clothes especially for women. Shops will open by 10:30 am.

Plastic money like your credit and debit cards won't work there in commercial streets, you need to carry cash. You have to get down to a level of common shopping with a lot of bargaining. While most of the shopping here is for women, variety of shops are available ranging from local tea stalls, road side restaurants to keep men happy. For those who are more conscious of hygiene, major food chains like KFC and Pizza hut are available in the street. One day of shopping, bargaining, and a dine of junk food can make you jaded because its lot in there than you can imagine which makes you come back again.

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