Bengaluru Palace, Bangalore

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Bengaluru Palace is located in the Palace Gardens which is in the heart of Bangalore city. This is located between Sadashivanagar and Jayamahal.

The construction process of the building started in 1862 by Rev.Garett and was intended to look like Winsor Castle in England. It was later bought by Chamaraja Wodeyar, who was the ruler of Wodeyar Dynasty in 1884. The construction of the palace spanning 45,000 sq ft floor area took 82 years to complete. The beauty of this palace is so renowned and when you enter through the gates from the front, the breathtaking beauty of the building will leave you spellbound. The Palace has undergone renovation recently.

The interior designing of the palace follows Tudan style of architecture. The lower floor of the palace has an open courtyard having granite seats entrenched with blue ceramic tiles which is a beauty to watch at nights. In the upper floor we can see an elaborate Durbar Hall where the king addressed his assembly. The interior walls of the palace are decorated with Greek, Dutch and the famous Raja Ravi Varma paintings, adding to its beauty.

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