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Bangalore Weather

The best season to visit Bangalore is during winter (end October to February) as the climate remains moderate and enjoyable. However it can be visited all through the year owing to its pleasant weather.


Bangalore usually enjoys a moderate climate with some exceptions during summer. Summer months are March to May and with occassional heat during summer. The temperature remains within the range of 20 ℃ or 68℉ to 35 ℃ or 95℉.


By the end of May Bangalore receives its first monsoon showers and the specialty of this city is that it experiences both the south-west and the north-east monsoon winds which actually keeps the temperature cool almost through out the year. The months that experiences maximum amount of shower are August to October. During this period the temperature remains within the range of 19℃ or 66.2℉ to 29℃ or 84.2℉.


The winter temperature ranges between 12℃ or 53.6℉ to 29℃ or 84.2℉ and is the best time to visit Bangalore. November to February is winter and January remains the coolest month of the year.