The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore

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Located 21 km south of Bangalore in rural Karnataka, it was founded by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar in the year 1981. The motto of the Ashram is to create a stress-free, violence –free society. Now the Ashram and its messages have reached over to almost 300 million followers in 150 countries. But they have retained this institute in Bangalore as their HQ. The foundation conducts its activities within the preview of social business. They offer Yoga and meditation workshops to relieve people from the stresses of busy day to day life. Their programs are now popular among the masses all over the world.

The spiritual and social organization has unfurled its wings over the decades through many humanitarian projects and has member ship in many organizations like CONGO. The foundation offers courses on Art of Living, Meditation courses, so it's better to spend a few days of your trip here so that you can return from Bangalore in spiritual bliss.

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