Treta-Ke-Thakur, Ayodhya

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According to scriptures, Lord Ram conducted Ashwadmedha Yagya in Ayodhya to celebrate his victory over Ravan. The temple, Treta ke Thakur was built at the place where the yagna was performed. Shri Ram is referred to Treta ka Thakur as he was the Lord of Treta Yug after Satyug.

The Raja of Kulu in Himachal Pradesh built the temple with the same name around 300 years back at Naya Ghat in Ayodhya. It was later renovated by Maratha Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar.

The temple houses the idols of Shri Ram and his wife Sita, his brothers Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan, guards Jai-Vijay, Guru Vashishtha, King Sugreve and Rama’s most faithful devotee, Hanuman.

It is believed that the idols of Shri Ram, his three brothers and Sita were brought from the original temple that stood on the bank of River Saryu. All the idols have been built out of a single block of black stone.

The temple opens on Ekadshi or the eleventh day of the holy month of Kartik when a huge crowd of devotees visit it to seek the blessings of Lord Ram.

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