Ramkatha Park, Ayodhya

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Ayodhya, being the birth place of Shri Ram, remains heavily crowded with pilgrims and tourists all through the year. Although the city boasts of a large number of temples, ghats, historical buildings and monuments, the ever increasing crowds cause excessive strain upon these places and also create a host of other civic problems like congestion especially during the festival seasons.

Ram Katha Park was built to ease pressure upon these holy places and the innards of the city. It is a beautiful, spacious and well maintained park that provides the much needed solace from the crowds of the town.

The park has open air theatres that are venues for holding cultural, religious and spiritual functions. The park always remains alive with public discourses, recitals from scriptures and other religious activities. It also offers opportunities to budding artists, both local and outsiders, to showcase their talent in theatrical performances, dance, music and poetry.

The park is a popular leisure destination for visitors of all age groups who spend their evenings and weekends in the spiritually charged environment.

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