Naghbal, Anantnag

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Naghbal is a popular Hindu pilgrimage centre in the district of Anantnag. Upon reaching the site, touristsis would discover a sacred spring that rises from the base of a hillock. This spring acts as a worship site of Lord Vishnu, also known as Ananta. A big tank along with shady chinnars can be sighted by visitors at Naghbal complex. The fishes inside this tank are considered to be sacred by pilgrims.A small temple in a ruined state can be sighted on the left side of the holy spring. This temple was built during the reign of the second Dogra ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Ranbir Singh. Although this temple is in dilapidated condition, pilgrims can see the statue of Ananta Bhagwan at the site.

The Shiv Ji Temple is another religious structure located in the premises of the Naghbal complex. This pilgrimage site is the oldest temple inside this complex, which was constructed in around 1885 to 1925 A.D during the rule of Maharaja Pratap Singh. Apart from Hindu religious centres, this complex houses a Gurudwara, the place of worship for people belonging to Sikh religion. Visitors would also find a sulphur spring at the site that has medicinal properties useful in curing all type of skin ailments.

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