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Aishmuqam Shrine, Anantnag

Aishmuqam Shrine is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Anantnag, which was built in the 15th century A.D. This shrine was constructed in the honour of Shiekh Zain-ud-din, who was one of the chief disciples of the renowned Reshi, Shiekh Noor-ud-din. The hills in the Aishmuqam town were once home to Hazrat Zain-ud-din Wali. Therefore, this place is considered to be sacred by people belonging to different religions. 

According to the popular belief, Hazrat Zain-ud-din Wali had spent his time preaching about Allah. For this purpose, Hazrat Zain-ud-din Wali decided to restrict himself to the cave. Aishmuqam shrine is thronged by thousands of devotees during the annual Urs and Zool festival.


Aishmuqam Shrine Photos