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Masjid Syed Shab, Anantnag

Masjid Syed Shab is a prominent tourist attraction in the destination, which is situated at the base of Anichteep in Martand Plateau. This mosque was built in honour of Hazrat Syed Mohammed Inayat-ullah Qadri Samnani. He came to Kashmir in 1528 AD from the city named Shaman, which is located in Central Asia.

Hazrat Syed Mohammed Inayat-ullah Qadri Samnani died on 27th January in 1587 AD at the age of 75. His body was buried in proximity to the shrine of the mosque. The site is considered to be a sacred place for the Muslims. According to the Islamic calendar, the 8th of Shabaan, which is the death anniversary of the saint, is considered apt for visiting this place

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