Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest, Ahmedabad

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The Polo Monument is basically ruins of an ancient kingdom established by the Parihar kings of Idar in 10th century and situated within the forest of Vijaynagar. Its believed that the first human settlement in this area happened during the time of Purana along the River Harnav, a perennial stream that still exists. After the kingdom was established by the Parihar kings it came under the dominance of the Rathod Rajputs of Marwar during 15th century.

The word Polo is derived from the Marwari word “pol” that means gate, which basically indicates the fact that Polo was an entrance way between Gujarat and Rajasthan. Polo Kingdom was in an area in between Kalaliyo peak in the east, and Mamrehchi in the west, both blocking the sunlight for the city. Its assumed that this might be the reason for vacating the city ultimately. The Shiv Mandir, Surya Mandir, Lakhena Temple, Jain derasar are some of the architectures found in the ruins of the Polo City. The Vijaynagar forest is a semi deciduous forest around an area of 400 Sq Kms, infested by the adivasis and full of medicinal plants, reptiles, birds and mammals.

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