Trekking Uphill, Yelagiri

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Trekking Uphill can be one of the best experiences Yelagiri Hills can offer you. There are around seven trek routes that run through reserved forests leading to beautiful spots such as waterfalls, peak points and valley view points. The longest trek route is the one from Punganoor Lake to Nilavur Jalagamparai, which is 14 km. Punganoor Lake to Swamimalai Hills is another beautiful trek route which is about 6 km. It is one of the most desired trek routes.

The trek leads to a peak from where the entire hills are visible. Other smaller routes are from Mangalam to Swamimalai which is around 2 km, the route from Information Centre to Koosi Kuttai is about 1.5 km, from Puthur to Perumadu Waterfalls, which is around 3 km, from Boat House to Pulicha Kuttai about 3 km and from Nilavur to Kardimunai about 1.5 km. It is advisable to reserve one day for the entire trekking experience.


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