Udayeshwara temple, Vidisha

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The Udayeshwara Temple is located in Udaipur Village at Basoda. There are many old Sanskrit inscriptions found from the temple which shows that the temple was founded by the Paramara King Udayadithya from the 11th century AD sometime between 1059 -1080. The temple is well connected by road to Vidisha and buses are aplenty connecting Basoda to many parts of Vidisha.

Udayeshwara Temple is made out of sandstone and is fenced by a short wall that has exquisite carvings on its exterior. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple has a sanctum sanctorum, a mandapa and three entrances. The mandapa or the main hall has intricate carvings, and there are porches on three sides of it. The Shikara of the temple is embellished with richly cut stonework. The design of the temple is in Bhumija Style of architecture.

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