Hindola Torana, Vidisha

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Gyraspur in Vidisha has amidst the fragments of an ancient temple, an exquisitely carved structure popularly called the Hindola Torana. The word Hindola means a swing and Torana refers to a portal. But this exquisite structure has nothing to do with a swing. It is called so as the huge pillars resembles the trestles of a swing. The Hindola Torana was an entrance gateway to the now ruined temple.

The remains of the entrance consist of two pillars and a beam on top of them. There is also a small ornamental beam joining the two pillars at the end. Both the beams have ornamental capitals with mythical creatures sculpted on them. On the sides of the pillars, one can see dasavathara carved out in an intricate design. There is also a Buddhist sun window motif engraved on the pillars, making the Hindola Torana a rare site of mingling architecture of Buddhist and Hindu elements.

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