Bijamandal, Vidisha

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Bijamandal also known by the name Vijayamandira Temple is a must visit in Vidisha. The 11th century temple site contains the remains of a large temple from the late Paramara period. The incomplete architectural design and the foundation stones suggest that the construction remained unfinished. One can also see a small mosque made using pillars from the 8th and 9th centuries.

The mosque called the Alamgiri Masjid is believed to be constructed during the reign of the Mughal King Aurangazeb. One of the pillars of the temple holds a devotional inscription to Camunda by King Naravarman. Beside the temple is a store house by the archeological survey of India where a lot of sculptures collected from the neighbouring regions are collected and preserved.

There is also a step well from the seventh century on the same campus which is worth a visit. The well has two tall pillars with scenes from Krishna's life depicted. They are considered to be the earliest Krishna scenes in the art of central India.

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