Bajramath Temple, Vidisha

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The Bajramath Temple is another rare and ancient temple location in Gyraspur, Vidisha. The temple consisting of three shrines have Digambara Jain idols in them. The architectural structures of the shrines are suggestive that originally these shrines were built to accommodate the Hindu Trinity and the temple was later occupied by the Jains of the Digambara sect.

It is assumed that the Northern shrine of the temple was consigned to Lord Shiva, the central one to Lord Brahma and the shrine towards the south belonged to Lord Vishnu. The carvings on the doorways are intricately beautiful and are dated back to 10th century AD. The temple also has a Shikhara with a unique and classy design. It will definitely be an onlooker’s delight. A visit to this temple is a must for travellers coming to discover Vidisha.

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