Vallimalai, Vellore

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Vallimalai is situated about 16 kilometres North of Thruvalam. One of the two wives of Lord Murugan, Valli was born here. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is believed that in this temple, Lord Maha Vishnu’s two daughters, Valli and Devayanai prayed for even-tempered husbands and ended up falling in love with Lord Murugan.

Vallimalai had been one of the most important Jain centres during the early Medieval Period and the natural caves were converted into Jain abodes according to Kannada inscriptions. Vallimalai is widely known for its scenic beauty. With its caves, unusual rock excavations, pools and greenery, Vallimalai stands as a proof of the everlasting presence of the beautiful Goddess.

Vallimalai can boast of being home to three temples. These are the Subramanya Swamy Temple, the beautiful Saravana Poihai Temple Tank at the bottom of the hill and the Valli Temple.

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