Vainu Bappu, Vellore

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The Vainu Bappu Observatory (VBO) is located in the panoramic neighbourhood of Kavalur in the Javadi Hills in Alangayam and houses Asia’s largest telescope.

The observatory got its name from the Indian astrophysicist Dr. Vainu Bappu. The observatory is located at a height of 725 m above the sea level. The Kavalur Observatory showcases the 1 m Carl Zeiss Telescope as well as the 2.3 m Vainu Bappu telescope. Vainu Bappu Observatory is open to public only on Saturdays between 2 pm and 5 pm.

To be able to remain near the equator, the observatory has been set away from the city, so that it is able to reach both the southern and the northern hemispheres. Using several focal plane instrumentational facilities, experiments are being conducted with the help of the optical telescopes at Vainu Bappu Observatory. Programmes include observations of blazes, galaxies, stars, solar system objects to name a few.

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