Madarazaye Mohammadiya Masjid, Vellore

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The Madarazaye Mohammadiya Masjid or the Mosque of the Nawab Chanda Sahib is yet another historic tourist hotspot to be found here in Vellore. Constructed in 1750 A.D., the Masjid has its entrance on the northern side. The Masjid is built with brick and lime.

A large prayer hall is put together on the western side for performing Namaz. It is 15 feet in breadth and 40 feet in length. Pillars are erected in two lines with each row having four pillars. Minars are constructed on the sides and there is a dome at the centre of the mosque. There is a place for the speakers at the top of the structure.

The four sides of the framework are adorned with arch shapes. On its back side, lies the Mehrab before which the devotees worship. On its right hand side, lies a structure for the Imam to perform worship. The mosque is adorned with floral designs in the smaller patterns.

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