Vadodara Museum, Vadodara

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One of the two museums of the Sayaji Baug is the Vadodara Museum. This museum was built under the patronage of Maharaja Sayajirao III in 1894 by Major Charles Mant and R.F. Chisolm. The museum has a huge collection starting from the Mughal Miniatures to the sculptures, textiles and objects from Japan, Tibet, Nepal, and Egypt. Also collection of coins from all over the world, different Indian Musical instruments, paintings of different European masters, mostly from the private collection of the Maharaja, skeleton of a blue whale, objects of Earth Sciences, Natural History and Zoology are exhibited in the museum.

Different objects belonging to the historical past of Gujarat like the decorated pieces of Sheikh Farid's tomb's ceiling in Patan, architectural remains and pieces of pottery from Champaner, sculptures from Roda and Shamlaji, Jain Tirthankars bronze idols from Akota are all displayed in this museum.

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