Khangkhui Cave, Ukhrul

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A natural limestone cave, locally called Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, is an archaeologist’s delight. It is also one of the oldest archaeological caves in India. The Khangkhui Mangsor Cave is located in Khangkhui, a small Tangkhul Naga village, 16 kilometres from Ukhrul.

The cave has a huge hall also known as the durbar hall of the devil. It is believed that the devil lived in the cave. There is a northern hall in the cave which was used by the devil as his bedroom which he shared with his two wives. The two wives also had two separate chambers. In total, the cave has five tunnels.

Archaeological evidences in the Khangkhui Mangsor Cave show that the cave has been there since the Palaeolithic age and a lot of artefacts dating to that time have been found. During the Second World War, the cave was used as a shelter by the local people.

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