Sandalwala Building, Ujjain

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Sandalwala Building has been built in the year 1925. The building was built by Fida Husain Abdul Husain Sandalwala. The building carries the legacy of the ancient Indian architecture as many believe that this type of architecture is not present in the buildings of the present day. Artisans from Ujjain and Jaipur worked very hard in order to build this famous building. One gets a nostalgic touch after looking at the building.

The building is regarded as one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the entire Ujjain city and one who visits the R.P Bharghav Marg in Ujjain gets a glimpse of this famous building. The building is now looked after by the Municipal Corporation of Ujjain and the State Government of Madhya Pradesh.

One who visits the interiors of the building would see that the building looks like a palace itself. The descendants of Fida Husain Sandalwala are residing in the building at the present time.


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