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Neemuch, a district created on 30th June, 1998 was initially a part of the erstwhile Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh. Neemuch was a cantonment town during the British rule, known as the North India Mounted Artillery and Cavalry Headquarters (NIMACH). In 1939, Neemuch was reconverted into the headquarters of the Crown's Representative Police Force. Thus, Neemuch hold a strong place in terms of cantonment towns in Madhya Pradesh.

Tourist places in and around Neemuch

Neemuch tourism commits itself to its visitors to help them explore and enjoy a variety of sites in and around it. There are some extremely colourful markets around Neemuch. Sites like Sukhanandji Ashram, Nava Toran temple, Gandhi Sagar Dam, Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary, Bhadwamata Temple are few places that can be visitors by tourists for sightseeing.

Neemuch has a lot for its visitors, thus becoming among the most preferred places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

Traditions and its Uniqueness

Neemuch is a known place that attract tourists because of its special Moharram processions of Tazia. It is almost 150 years old. This procession marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

The district of Neemuch is undoubtedly well-known in the entire state. With Neemuch tourism having some wonderful hotspots to offer, visitors are sure to utilize their time to its worth.

How to reach Neemuch

Neemuch is well-connected to other parts of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest airport is in Udaipur.

Best time to visit Neemuch

The best time to visit this place is during the winter season.


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