Kalidas Academy, Ujjain

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Kalidas Academy is a multi-disciplinary institution established by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in the year 1978 in the temple town of Ujjain. Poet Kalidas is one of the legendary figures in the history of Indian literature and this institution was established in order to pay a tribute to this legendary figure. The objective of the Government was to keep the memory of this great poet refreshed among the common people.

The academy is considered as one of the brilliant centers for studying and researching in Sanskrit all across the country. The main objective of the academy is to explore the literature of Kalidas not only from an academic point of view but also from interdisciplinary angles.

Translation and documentation of the works of Kalidas is one of the main attributes of this academy as they publish this work in other foreign languages. There are a lot of seminars and cultural programs that are organized by the academy on a regular basis.


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