Gadkalika, Ujjain

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Gadkalika is a very famous temple situated on the suburban parts of the temple town of Ujjain and is one of the must see sites recommended by the Ministry of Tourism, Madhya Pradesh for the tourists. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalika who is believed to be a very powerful Goddess according to the Hindu mythology.

There is a myth regarding this temple.The myth tells that Kalidasa, the legendary poet who was so much devoted to this deity that he acquired his literary skills from the blessings of Goddess Kalika. The temple has been renovated by Harshavardhana during the seventh century.

The River Shipra flows close by the temple, and the temple resembles one of the age old traditions of the ancient Hindu Culture.Many devotees visit the place in order to pay tribute to the powerful Goddess. The holy shrine has been rebuilt by the rulers of Gwalior to its earlier magnificence.


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