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World Chocolate day: Chocolate Tour in Bengaluru!

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Are you a chocolate lover? If you're someone who gets excited at the mention of the word 'chocolates', here is a great way for you to celebrate the World Chocolate Day, which is celebrated globally on July 7th. Let's take a chocolate tour to one of the best chocolate factories in Bengaluru! Let's smell the hot drooling chocolate, see how they're made and even taste them, making the day as sweet as it could be!

World Chocolate Day

Guests having a great time making chocolates
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On this World Chocolate Day, which is also referred to as International Chocolate Day, we take you through a virtual tour to Jus' Trufs, one of the best chocolate makers in town. Jus' Trufs introduced chocolate tours in India so that the visitors can have a look at how their sweet appetisers are being made, giving them a chance to be a part of chocolate making.

International Chocolate Day

Chocolatiers assisting chocolate making
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A trip to Jus' Trufs is worth the time spent there as you can get your hands dirty in chocolate and taste your creations as well! Here are some details you need to know if you're planning on a chocolate tour to Jus' Trufs.

  • The tour is conducted on every Saturday afternoon or on special requests, which has to be booked in advance.
  • This 2-hour chocolate tour starts at 3pm. 
  • The tour ends in Jus' Trufs Café where guests can have snacks or even dinner.
  • The guests have an opportunity to know the secrets of chocolate making from the chocolatiers. 
  • Guests can make their customised chocolates and have them too.
Kids making choclates

Kids making chocolates at Jus' Trufs
Photo Courtesy: Official Website

Apart from these exclusive chocolate tours, Jus' Trufs also hold workshops on various activities like chocolate making, baking cakes, frosting cakes, pizza making, paste making, desserts, etc. School trips are organised here, where kids are allowed to try their hands on chocolate making. Events like birthday parties, comedy shows, game nights, etc. are also a highlight of Jus' Trufs.

Located at Jakkur Road in Bengaluru, Jus Trufs is one place that should not be missed, if you're a chocolate lover. Visit the place, enjoy watching the manufacturing of chocolates, play with chocolates, make your own chocolates, eat them and have fun!

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