» »Visit These Unexplored Waterfalls In Meghalaya

Visit These Unexplored Waterfalls In Meghalaya

Meghalaya, literally translated as the abode of clouds, is one of the greenest and natural places in India. It is also one of the few states in India which are largely under forest cover. So, when there is an abundance of rich and dense forests, it is natural for waterbodies to be present in their vicinity.

Consequently, Meghalaya is also home to several stunning and spectacular waterbodies in the form of lakes, ponds and waterfalls. After all, Meghalaya is one of the highest-rainfall-receiving areas in the world. So, how about exploring the hidden waterfalls of this green state this season? Read on to know more about the unexplored waterfalls in Meghalaya.

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Sweet Falls

Sweet Falls

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Sweet Falls is located in the Shillong district in the vicinity of Happy Valley of Meghalaya. Falling from the height of 315 feet, it is one of the highest waterfalls in the state. As the area is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and rich vegetation, it has become a weekend destination for offbeat travellers.

Contrary to its name, Sweet Falls is also considered by many as the haunted fall. Several incidents of death occurring in and around the region have also been noted. As per local legends, it is believed that people going in odd numbers to Sweet Falls always return in even numbers. The area around the waterfall doesn't have proper routes; hence, it is difficult to reach the base or the top of the waterfall.

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Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

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Rainbow Falls is a perfect place to trek down to if you love exploring new places and the hidden beauties of nature on your feet. It is located in Nongriat amidst the deep woods and is an ideal place to spend your weekend in seclusion and serenity.

The spectacular views of water gushing down the rocky slopes and striking over the rocks placed at the base are somethings which every traveller would love to savour. The major speciality of Rainbow Falls lies in its wet rocks when hit by sun rays, thereby, producing a rainbow on either side. Wouldn't you die to witness such a glamorous beauty of nature?

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Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls

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Elephant Falls is certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in theShillong district. It is a three-step waterfall which is divided into three section with each part equally popular, attractive and beautiful. The distance between these sections of waterfalls is paved with a flight of stairs and hence, each can be reached easily and comfortably.

Being the most popular waterfall in Shillong, it deserves to be recognised nationally considering the surreal beauty of its surroundings and the melodious flow of water.

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Spread Eagle Falls

Spread Eagle Falls

Spread Eagle Falls, otherwise known as Sati Falls, is popular amongst locals and seasonal tourists on account of the presence of a large pool at its base where you can find several locals bathing and enjoying in its pacifying waters. It is located in Shillong and is also known as the widest waterfall in the region.

As the area is surrounded by beautiful trees and lush plains, it also attracts several photographers who come here to capture the captivating beauty of nature. So, how about taking a dip in the pristine waters of a beautiful pool at Spread Eagle Falls?

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