Spread Eagle Falls, Shillong

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Spread Eagle Falls is one of the widest falls in the city of Shillong. Located just 3 kilometres from the Polo Grounds, the Spread Eagle is a steep falls. The waterfall softly gushes out of the hills and slowly gains force and roars downstream with humungous force. The lake is serene and loud at the same time and is quite an imposing sight. The gushes water breaks out on rocks. The waterfall is so called because it looks like an eagle which spreads out its wings. 

Locally the indigenous tribe, the Khasis call the Spread Eagle Falls the Urkaliar falls and it is believed that is it where Ka Liar had slipped. The waterfalls is still counted among the most dangerous and perilous waterfalls in the city owing to the slippery edges. There is another name to the Spread Eagle Falls and it is also known as the Sati Falls. Till a few years back there was no proper road connectivity to the Spread Eagle Falls and was not a famous tourist destination. However, now the tourism department has taken initiative to popularise the waterfall. Better roads are being constructed and safety measures are underway.

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