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Unwind Yourself With A Perfect Weekend Getaway To Jowai In Meghalaya

Written By: Srushti

The north-east states of India are well-known for their natural beauty. Gifted with abundance of natural resources, striking landscapes of rivers, lakes, mountains and more, the north-east makes for a perfect holiday destination.

Jowai is a commercial town of Meghalaya, located about 66 km from the capital city of Shillong. The town is perched on the Jaintia Hills and fringed with the river Myntdu on three sides. Mainly home to the Pnar tribe, it is a plateau located at an altitude of 4530 ft above sea level.

Behdeinkhlam is a huge colourful and vibrant festival, celebrated by the people of Pnar tribe in Jowai and all across Jaintia Hills. It usually happens in the rainy month of July, and is celebrated to drive away the evils. Beh Dein means "drive away" and Khlam means "plague".

The 4-day boisterous festival is celebrated by the Pnar people dancing to drum beats and the women involved in preparing sacrificial food for the spirits of their ancestors.


PC: Kinshuk Kashyap

It has become an educational hub as well, with students from neighbouring regions such as Assam and Bangladesh coming to the town to complete their education.

Best Time To Visit Jowai

The ideal time to visit Jowai would be March to May, during the summer season, since the climate is mild, pleasant and perfect for vacation. However, if you'd like to witness the Behdeinkhlam festival, you must go in the months of June and July.

Places To Visit In And Around Jowai

Syntu Ksiar

Syntu Ksiar is a spot resting on the banks of River Myntdu; a huge stretch of land that is amidst nature's lap. It is surrounded with awe-inspiring scenic beauty of greenery and the calm waters of River Myntdu.

Syntu Ksiar, which literally translates to "flower of gold" is a favoured picnic spot amongst tourists and locals. Not only that, the place also bears a historic significance since it was one of the centre of freedom struggle in Meghalaya.

The freedom fighter Kiang Nangbah who led a rebellion against the British, was hanged right here on 30th December 1862. A memorial in the honour of Kiang Nangbah is founded here.

Tryshi Falls


 PC: Kinshuk Kashyap

A harbour for nature lovers, Tryshi Falls is a breathtaking waterfall located in the road connecting to Jowai to Shillong. A trek to the bottom of the falls is an exciting experience that must be done if you visit the Tryshi falls. The top of the falls offers a panoramic magnificent view of the Pynthor Nein, paddy fields that looks like it stretches infinitely.

Thadlaskein Lake

Nestled amidst unique orchid variants, the Thadlaskein Lake is a picturesque place located 8km from Jowai. It is a man-made lake filled by perennial rains. Emerald green beds of meadows run all across the lake, and it is linked to the River Myntdu. The scenic beauty of this place makes it an ideal location for picnic with your loved ones.

Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake

As the name suggests, this lake is dotted with the carnivorous pitcher plants spread across an area of 50,000 sq m. The spot is unique since visitors can view the intriguing pitcher plants that we've only read about in our school science books!

There is a giant fountain shaped in the form of a pitcher plant so the lake is hard to miss! Activities like boating is available in the lake, so head to the Jarain Pitcher lake with your family for a relaxed weekend.

Nartiang Monoliths


PC: Saptarshi Sanyal

The Nartiang Monoliths is a garden of monoliths that stands as a testimony to the power of the Jaintia rulers'. The longest monolith here is about 26 ft in height. These are the ruins of the Jaintia rulers' Summer Palace and therefore is a site of national importance.

If you visit Nartiang, don't forget to stop by the weekely market where you might be able to buy local handicrafts.

How To Reach Jowai

By Air: The Shillong Airport located at a distance of 36 km is the closest air base to Jowai. But it is connected to limited places like Kolkata and Guwahati. However, Guwahati Airport located at a distance of 104 km is well-connected to many major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

By Rail: Guwahati has the closest Railway Station to Jowai. From this point, cabs or taxis can be hired to reach Jowai. Regular buses are also available for this route.

By Road: Buses from the neighbouring cities and states like Shillong, Tripura, Mizoram are available to Jowai. Since it lies on the NH 44, it has connections to these cities.

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