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5 Quirky Monsoon Destinations of Maharashtra

By: Akshatha Vinayak

Are you rolling over in your blanket while hearing the splatter of rain outside the window? Are you enjoying the lazy, chilly weather? Well, surely you love monsoons!

Yeah! It is hard to do anything except sleep in this climate, but it is one of the magical seasons which you shouldn't miss out to explore. The question is, what is fun in visiting the same overcrowded spots? Think different and plan for some unusually beautiful trips!

Here are some unique and offbeat monsoon destinations that will spice up your tour in Maharashtra!

Kalavatin Durg

Kalavatin Durg
Photo Courtesy: Rohit Gowaikar

Kalavatin Durg, Like a Disney Movie!

One look at Kalavatin Durg and you will realise it looks similar to the tower shown in the Disney movie 'The Tangled' where the witch hides Rapunzel! A trek in Prabalgad Fort (Kalavatin Durg) is not that easy, but it looks nothing less than a fictional movie set during the monsoons. Hence, Prabalgad Fort (Kalavatin Durg) meets all the odds to become one of the unique monsoon destinations in Maharashtra!


Photo Courtesy: Ankitfunk

The Mythical Chikhaldara

It seems, Bhima threw the demon Keechaka into the valley at this place! Well, a stroll around the mind-blowing viewpoints in Chikhaldara gives a feeling that it was not difficult for Bhima to kill the demon here! Interestingly, Chikhaldara is also the only coffee growing hill station in Maharashtra. Isn't it wonderful to sip on piping hot coffee while enjoying the monsoon delight?


Photo Courtesy: UrbanWanderer

Waterfull Amboli!

A place such as Amboli is nothing less than a visual treat. One has to keep their eyes wide open for the small waterfalls that fill Amboli! Rain makes Amboli look like a paradise of green; the temporary waterfalls pumps a new image to this hill station during the monsoons.


Koyna Dam in Tapola
Photo Courtesy: Nichalp

Tapola, Serenity Defined!

Are you planning to visit Mahabaleshwar this season? Well, head to Mahableshwar but don't stop there instead continue your journey to Tapola! Ears will only hear the chirping of birds and eyes will only see the bounty of nature; a trip away from the crowd is a must to feel the calmness in this busy world. Tapola, with its untouched beauty, is sure to provide all the tranquillity which your soul is craving for! Tapola is a quiet hub and one of unique monsoon destinations in Maharashtra.

Kaas Plateau

Wildflowers at Kaas Plateau
Photo Courtesy: Sebastian Joseph

Flowers, the Talk of Kaas Plateau

You don't have to go to Uttarakhand to enjoy the beauty of Valley of Flowers; Kaas Pathar can be called as a twin of the Valley of Flowers National Park! The wildflowers that bloom during the rainy season makes the region vibrant. The meadows and hilly slopes covered in the carpet of wildflowers will make your time memorable at Kaas Plateau in Satara.

Best time to visit Kaas Plateau is from August to October.

It looks like nature is dancing to the tunes of rainy music; so why don't you all do a rain dance in the lap of nature?

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