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Trek to Ladakh

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Trekking Ladakh and Zanskar is one of the most adventurous and daring activity one can think of. Awe striking trekking routes which goes through the Himalayas and Karakoram will not only welcome the trekkers but also enthusiasts in other activities like rafting, skiing and mountaineering.

Trekking routes in Ladakh are the most important thing for a trekker to choose. Guides are also available who can take you through the proper trekking routes. Apart from the safe and secure routes that are to be taken, trekkers should also be in proper health condition to go beyond the higher altitudes. Trekking in this zone can be done any time throughout the year, be it the summer months or snowy winter.

So we provide you with a list of some of the best trekking routes in Ladakh and Zanskar region of Himalayas.

Lamayuru - Alchi Trek
This 12 days trek can be best availed in the months of July to September. Temperature during this time generally remains around 30°C to 7°C. It is a moderate trekking route which revolves around beautiful villages of Ladakh. The view is bewitching which also covers few monasteries and Lake Lamayuru.
The route covered during this trek is Lamayuru-Wanla-Urste-Tar-Mangyu-Alchi.

Frozen Zanskar River Trek
Though now its not the ideal time to attempt this trekking route, trekkers can plan this from mid January to end of February. This a long trek and requires around 23days time. Covering a stretch of 105km in -35°C to -25°C, is really adventurous. Only 15-17km can be covered in a single day. Sleeping bags and jackets are few must necessities. Camping by the icy rocks is one of the daring activity awaiting for the trekkers.

Jugtak Trek
A wonderful trek by the valley Rupsu, extends for 22 days and can be trekked during July-September. This valley lies in the South East region of Ladakh and the inhabitants are mostly Changpas - Nomadic Shepherds. Temperature at this time remains around 25°C-3°C. Trekkers can also view various species of wildlife like red fox, snow leopard and kyang.
The trekking route followed for this trek is Hemis-Marselang-Chuskirmo-Kungmurla base-Thachungtse-Zalungkarpo-Sorra-Dat-Lungmoche-Lun-Morangla base-Tsokmetsic-Jugtak.

Sargol - Alchi Trek
This trekking route in Ladakh can be ideally trekked from July-September and lasts for 18days. The temperature during this time remains around 32°C -10°C. Rock carved statue of Buddha is one of the most important thing that can be seen before reaching Sargol. Six passes are covered in this trek.
The trekking route follows the path as Shargol-Serjing-Gyal-Yoma-Base of Timlila-Kanj-Shillakong-Hinju-Sumda Chenm -Sumda Chung-Alchi.

Heniskut - Darcha Trek
This trekking route in Zanskar can be trekked between July-September which involves 20 days. The temperature also remains favourable as it ranges between 30°C-7°C. Some of the unknown areas of Zanskar is explored in this trek apart from the six passes which trekkers will enjoy to trek.

Lamayuru - Padum Trek
Another adventurous trekking route that can be availed during July-September involves a time span of 20 days. Trekkers will cross 8 passes which will start at Lamayuru and end at Padum. First seven days are dedicated to Ladakh and rest four days are for Zanskar. Trekkers can also visit Leh via Kargil.

Nubra Trek
This trekking route leads to Karakoram ranges from Ladakh ranges through Shayok Valley. It is best to avail this route in between July to September. Trekkers need to have 15 days time to trek through this route. The temperature also remains favourable during this time between 35°C- 10°C. The path heading towards Nubra is enticing and attractive.
Adventure is enhanced by the path which is filled with thorny bushes and makes the journey more daring. Apart from the two passes that are covered, trekkers can also enjoy a drive through Khardung la, which is the highest motorable road. The route followed during this trek includes Saboo-Lartsa-Digar-Khungru-Rongthil-Khalsar.

Spituk - Hemis Trek
This trekking route is one of the popular and easy treks of Ladakh and Zanskar area. This 15 days trek can be undertaken in the months of June- September. Temperature at this time remains around 30°C- 4°C. Two passes are covered in this trek and the route followed is Spituk-Zinchen-Gandala Base-Skiu-Markha-Tchatchuse-Nimaling-Shang-Martsellang.

Trek to Ladakh

Temisgam - Phyang Trek
This trekking route is dedicated towards exploring the Indus Valley which includes the monasteries of Alchi. During the trek, trekkers get an opportunity to halt in the village of Temisgam and familiarize with the inhabitants of the village and their way of living. Likir, Basgo, Phyang and five passes are the explorations awaiting the trekkers.
While one treks this route in the month of July-September whichrequire atleast 18 days, the temperature also remains favourable, ranging between 25°C-10°C. The route covered includes Themisgam-Hemisskupachen-Yangthang-Likir-Rafta-Umla-Taroo-Phyang.

Tsomoriri Rupshu Trek
Tso-moriri, Tsokar and other drainage basins are a part of this trekking route. Karzok is a village where trekkers will be happy to get an idea about the lifestyle of the people residing in the dozen of houses there. Bar headed goose and black neck crane are some of the avian species of this area. This trek demands 24days time in the months of July to September when the temperature is around 25°C- 4°C.
Five passes are covered in this trekking route which also includes Hemis-Shang Sumdo-Kongmurla base-Thachungtse-Zalungkarpo-Sorra-Dat-Lungmoche-Jakang-Punganagu (Tsokar)-Rachungkaru-Gyamarburma-Korzok-Dok-Korzok.

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